PVC Pipes and Fittings

PVC is used to make pipes and fittings for many years. PVC pipes offer a very long service life and are extremely resistant to corrosion. Being resistant to chemicals, PVC pipes can also be used for sewage and rainwater drainage systems. PVC pipes offer excellent resistance to weather and shock, as well as a high hydraulic capacity.

In addition to individual stabilizers such as TBLS DBLS, LS, CS, DBL Phos, KHERA offers a wide range of stabilizers, from individual LEAD-BASED PACKAGES to individual LEAD-FREE PACKAGES.

KHERA offers additives specially designed to meet the needs of customers. The additives can be used for different PVC pipe systems such as pressure pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes, foam core pipes, etc. All important features such as pressure test, impact test, VST test, inversion test, light stability, etc are taken into account when developing products.

KHERA offers a set of additives in powder form and flakes form. The products are available with a low level of lubrication to an excellent -level of lubrication to meet individual needs.