Lead Stabilizers

We are committed to providing high quality lead stabilizers which are classified as inorganic lead compounds. The range of lead stabilizers that we offer is stored in a dry, ventilated and low temperature place and must be protected from humidity and fire. Lead stabilizers are mainly used as PVC stabilizers.

These additives are known as "thermal stabilizers" because they provide thermal stability and prevent degradation of the PVC polymer not only during processing but also during its useful life.

Outstanding features

  • High Thermal Stability
  • Processing Fluidity
  • Lubrication Capacity
  • Effective Performance


  • Used in various products to stabilize rigid PVC in the construction industry.
  • Used for power cable applications.

Easier handling of a packaging becomes the main reason for the popularity of a lead stabilizer which leads to the need for one-packs. Several packages meeting individual needs have been developed to fulfill the needs of our valued customers. ONE-PACK stabilizer is best suited to pipes manufactured in our ultra-modern KHERA plant under strict quality control to maintain consistency.