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We value our Customers

Khera has been a leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizers for 40 years. We are a market-oriented group and our exceptional product quality combined with rich experience in the broad and diverse requirements -of the industries. Apart from that, our experience also helps us to offer personalized products to our customers with a rich tradition of unshakable quality and reliability.


Quality is built in all our product & from the development stage. we manufacture in accordance with the, 9001:2015 International Quality System and choose only the best performing raw materials available for each appliclltian.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality covers the whole range from supplier quality to our manufacturing process, products and transactions with customers.

Our Passion

Our passion for quality brings Us closer to our customers and our suppliers and strengthens our focus on speed, productivity and customer Satisfaction.

Our Company

Our company prides itself on giving personalized, value-added services. We have no intention of losing that informal eflidency which has characterized us.